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La NGB diffuse les connaissances scientifiques et favorise la compréhension de la science par le public. Elle offre à ses membres la possibilité de se stimuler mutuellement et de cultiver des relations. À cette fin, elle organise des conférences et des excursions, et publie chaque année un bulletin d'information.en plus

Image : NASA Earth Observatory, Jesse Allen and Robert Simmonen plus

Climate containers on tour

From mid-August to mid-September 2017, the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR) will present a touring exhibition on climate research for the general public, called «Container3 – bringing environmental knowledge to the quarters». Container will be installed in sea containers and tour six city districts of Bern.

Climate containers on tour

Additional stops will be the ICDC10 conference in Interlaken and the Science Night at the University of Bern on 16 September 2017. The show is realized in cooperation with the city of Bern which will present, in its own containers, topics related to energy and mobility. The official opening will take place on 17 August on the Casino square in the old part of town including speeches by the Univ. Bern rector Christian Leumann as well as Thomas Stocker and City municipal councillor Reto Nause. The climate science part of the exhibition will highlight six OCCR research projects ranging from the historical reconstructions of floods of the river Gürbe to the «Oldest Ice» project.