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La NGB diffuse les connaissances scientifiques et favorise la compréhension de la science par le public. Elle offre à ses membres la possibilité de se stimuler mutuellement et de cultiver des relations. À cette fin, elle organise des conférences et des excursions, et publie chaque année un bulletin d'information.en plus

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Roundtable on trade, climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At the invitation of SECO, the World Trade Institute WTI and the Centre for Development and Environment CDE of the University of Berne, a roundtable on trade, climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was held in Bern on 23 June 2021. Experts representing the academic community, the economy, civil society and the federal administration discussed trade-related measures to reduce green house gases with the objective to contribute to the public debate on this topic in Switzerland. The most important results of this discussion are described in the report. SECO will evaluate the event and, if the results are positive, consider organising other events in a similar format in the future.

CDE_WTI_Report_Roundtable_23June_2021_Final agenda enclosed 16 September 2021.jpg